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If you are new to SevenReflections, you may think that this is just a dating website, and you are right - it is dating and FREE website, but it has a secret. I'd like to consider it more as a tool of understanding yourself and relationships with people on a new level, a perfect instrument of learning how to choose the right people and how to attract love and harmony into your life. Present yourself in a totally new way, as a unique and magnificent individual with your own set of priorities and values. Explore your individuality in a wider scope, and find out all different scenarios of relationships you might be involved in life.
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Isn't it important to be with someone who can inspire you to become better, who doesn't talk down to you, who is ready to listen and understand? Sometimes we are raised in families where mutual understanding is less important than accomplishments, and as much as we please our parents, as less we feel connected to ourselves. We marry to prove we are grown up, to be taken care of, under the pressure, out of quilt, to satisfy our sexual desires, out of loneliness, to make a stand, to be "alike" or just liked, too early, too unprepared. One way or another, after the first excitement fades out, something does not feel right. Sometimes, we do not even realize what is "right" besides our general stereotypes whatever it is. Sometimes we give up our dreams of a perfect partner, because we never met anyone close to our image of perfection. How do you really feel? Do you feel excited about finding a love of your life? Or are you "once bitten, twice shy"? What are your expectations? Is there a way to enjoy meaningful relationships without compromising your unique identity? Is there someone who will make you feel secure and confident?
One way to tell people about yourself is to set up a Facebook or a Twitter page. Beautiful pictures can please one's eye but doesn't it the way you see life, your personality makes all the difference in relationships with other people? The way you think, the dreams you dream, the desires you cherish deep inside – it is all the more beautiful than any photoshoped images. When I look inside your eyes, I don't see your age nor your physical appearance. I can see a beautiful you behind a mask you put on when a sun comes up. Unique, amazing, astonishing you – this is what I see. I want you to see what I see. I want others see what I see. Open up your true potential! There is no one like you in this universe. You have your unique code – and if I can see it – you can. Others will. Start attracting love and happiness into your life!
Lorans I. Hedgecock
Finding the Right person is a choice, not a pure luck, a choice made within. Connecting to your true self is a first, and the most important step in building successful relationships with others. When you stop seeing yourself from other people perspective and bring out your unique personality, when you begin to be a cause not an effect, magic happens. Explore, improvise, exercise your understanding of yourself and others, find people of your dreams! This is not just a dating website, but website with a secret, a secret of true love from inside out.
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